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Cool Cups is the #1 selling All Natural  Gelatin-Free Vegan Snack in the U.S.A.

Cool Cups LLC is a Santa Monica, California-based corporation which manufactures and distributes a 100% vegan, gelatin-free gel-cup snack to supermarkets, health food stores, school and college cafeterias, hospitals, and other places where people are concerned about eating a clear, all-natural product that contains no gelatin made from animals. Cool Cups Receive Award from City of Los Angeles for Healthy Snacks

Cool Cups' gelatin is made from seaweed. The product contains neither dairy nor animal products or by-products, uses only clear cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrups, contains no artificial coloring or preservatives, is gluten-free, uses exclusively Non-GMO ingredients.
Cool Cups strives to provide an All Natural Better Choice in your selection of snacks.

Cool Cups receives Certificate of Recognition from the City of Los Angeles for their dedication to health, the arts, education and for their efforts to create and introduce healthier snacks and more nutritious and environmentally consciouis alternatives to traditional snack foods.

Cool Cups Plantbased is gelatin free made with seaweed

Cool Cups began when Tom Mosk, C.E.O. and creator of Cool Cups had the vision for an all natural vegan gelatin alternative to commercial gelatins. He remembered that every time he went to visit his grandmother she would always have a bowl of "jello" waiting for him. In later years, choosing the path of making better nutritional food choices, Tom wanted to create a gelatin free product that was plant based and free of any animal by-products.  He had also discovered that almost all other gelatin products were made with high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors that were known to cause hyperactivity in kids. So Cool Cups were created with the full commitment to being the ultimate All Natural Alternative snack,  ensuring the highest quality standards.

Community Outreach
Cool Cups conducts its operations with Eco-Awareness and Recycling practices.
Packages for example are printed with environmentally friendly soy based inks.
Cool Cups sponsors and spearheads Recycling Programs in the Community including
several programs presented at  events and natural food markets. Cool Cups Eco- Programs have had a lot of success at  Whole Foods Kids Clubs. They help educate kids and their parents about  sustainability and recycling practices.

Keeping Our Oceans Clean
Cool Cups in particular cares about keeping our Oceans clean. Not only because one of Cool Cups ingredients comes from pristine clean ocean waters (our seaweed), but also because we love our Oceans and care about all the living creatures in it.

Cool Cups supports beach clean ups with Heal the BayCool Cups supports organizations such as Heal the Bay/Beach Clean Up, and attends beach clean up days that Heal the Bay conducts. Cool Cups has also created  a mini- musical presentation featuring the “Troubadours of the Deep”, a cast of parents, kids, musicians, artists and a magician, that help communicate the ideas of protecting the environment in a fun and entertaining way.   

Cool Cups sponsors and spearheads Recycling Programs in the Community including several programs presented at  festivals, events and natural food markets. Cool Cups  Eco-Programs on Sustainability-The Magic of Seaweedá¿€ and ᾿ The Magic of Recycling Plastic,  have had a lot of success at  Whole Foods Kids Clubs. They help educate kidsand their parents about sustainability and recycling practices.
Cool Cups Eco Programs Recycling and Sustainability

The Cool Cups Eco-Challenge- Eco-Arcade Games Cool Cups Eco Games
Cool Cups has developed the Eco -Champions program and an entire set of Eco-Games. The Cool Cups Eco-Arcade helps educate kids and families in how to reduce their Carbon Footprint
and live a more Eco-Friendly life.

Cool Cups hopes to make an impact in our community, inspiring a healthier, natural,
Eco-Aware lifestyle for all families and  generations to come.



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